Travel disruption details

Description Works Category = Standard. Carriageway restriction = Traffic control (give and take). Works description = Excavate in footpath approximately 65m to lay electricity cable and install fibre ducting along The Midlands Rd and installation of three fibre chambers (1 x JC2 next to fibre cabinet and 2 x JC1 in footpath). Excavate road crossing next to The Elms Rd to install fibre and electricity duct. Cast plinth in verge and install fibre cabinet.. Works Reference = UX002P97647N0020694/R7
Location Start near jnc to Lions orchard and finish at jnc The Elms View on map
Delay Slight
Planned start 07/02/2020 00:00
Planned end 20/02/2020 23:59
Diversion Route -
Diversion in force No
Promoter / Contractor Independent Next Generation Networks Ltd