Travel disruption details

Description Works Category = Major. Carriageway restriction = Traffic control (multi-way signals). Works description = Fulcrum to continue laying new gas mains in carriageway running 63m in carriageway. Works on the junction of abberd lane will be done under 2 way signals and the junction with Woodhill rise will be completed under 3 way signals. TL Applications and TM Plans to be submitted via email.. Notice ID = 83819127. Works Reference = WY001NSA00021116
Location In carriageway from the junction of Abberd Lane to the corner of Woodhill rise. View on map
Delay Moderate
Planned start 26/11/2018 00:00
Planned end 21/12/2018 00:00
Diversion Route -
Diversion in force No
Promoter / Contractor Fulcrum Pipelines Limited